“I just want to learn how to be comfortable around firearms. I don’t own a gun and probably never will. Can I take a very basic class?”

Absolutely. We can even do an in-home class where there’s no shooting at all.

“What’s involved in getting a concealed-carry permit?”

I teach a carry-specific class that covers everything from basic safety to range time. It depends on your county, but long story short: you take the class, you demonstrate to me that you’ve retained the material, you qualify at the range* with me, and I give you a signed certificate that you take to your sheriff with the correct paperwork.

*Not every instructor will make you qualify. If you’re looking for a quick rubber stamp, you’ve got the wrong guy.

“How much is a class?”

I always put together a customized curriculum based on (1) your experience level and (2) what you’re looking to accomplish. Most of the time, a basic safety class will set you back $50 and a handshake. A full concealed carry class will be about four times that. (You can save a few bucks getting rubber-stamped at a┬áconcealed carry certificate mill. You shouldn’t.)